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Bosque Supply offers materials for residential, commercial, agricultural and architectural construction projects in a wide variety of colors and sizes.  Our in-house shop can even fabricate custom trim and finishing materials for your project.  (see colors available)

Steel Building Panels  Our wide range of metal building panels are perfect for any of your metal construction needs. We have the products you need to build it right, the service you need to finish it fast, and the quality you need to make it last.

Primed Structure Material  We have a large selection of red-oxide primed square and rectangular tubing, Cee Purlin and base angles in a variety of gages, sizes and lengths for your heavy-duty framing needs.  We carry building materials in a large variety of styles, including: I-Beams, rectangular tubing, pipe, angle, flat bar and channel.  We also offer 4x8 flat sheets in several gages.

Trim  You'll need different types of metal trim to finish your building project.  We carry jamb and head, rake and corner, house rake, sculptured rake, eave trim, ridge roll, transition, Bosque gutter, downspout, end caps, gutter straps, peak boxes, corner boxes, 2x2 3x3 4x4 angle, valley and fitted ridge.  These products are available in a variety of colors and galvalume.  We also fabricate custom trim in our shop.

Fasteners and Miscellaneous Components  Don't forget about the little things.  You're going to need fasteners, clips and plates for your project.  Our knowledgeable staff can help you round up all the miscellaneous parts you'll need.

Doors and Windows  We also carry doors and windows for your new metal building, including roll-up and sectional doors.  We have the hardware to install your new doors or sliding doors along with tracks, roller sets and hanging brackets.

Insulation  If you don't like the Texas weather, just wait--it'll change.  Bosque Supply carries vinyl insulation to provide protection from extreme temperatures and help reduce noise and sound.

Culvert Pipe  Culvert pipe ideal for driveways and access roads. Four times stronger than HDPE plastic culvert pipe and 10 times lighter than concrete pipe.

Durable and easy to install.

Available Colors

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